Saturday, June 7, 2014

Airtel 3g free recharge trick For Internet 2014

Hello Guys today we are updating our old method, for Airtel 3g free recharge tricks, Airtel free internet tricks and free gprs ricks, we are always trying to share something new and user-friendly tips and tricks of  telecom companies and many more like this category,Many people don't know about what is tips and tricks, But i wanna say you that tips and tricks is which way using we can some useful and advance result in few second, Some are for Free msg, Gprs, 2g Internet and 3g internet and many more like this, If you will explore our blog than you will get many of like this,

 Airtel Free GPRS Trick mobile picture

What Airtel 3g free trick for Internet and Recharge working Fine ?

Before you follow these type tips and tricks, I wanna say you something useful information may be its also better for your knowledge, Many people saying me that these tricks not working, Actually all telecom companies also Airtel give to there user some different setting for different Area or state, So we don't know its work for your state or not, Before you follow these setting i wanna say you that we are not responsible about this.

Airtel 3g free recharge trick 2014

If you are using Airtel with 3g internet than you can use this method, May be its work for you, Airtel give there user a best and continue 3g internet speed, Its really so attractive, If you don't wanna compromise with 3g high speed internet than you must use Airtel 3g for more faster, If you will get free recharge for Airtel 3g than its feel so happy, Every one wanna free recharge, We get some method from web for 3g free recharge may be work for you.

 Airtel Free GPRS Trick mobile picture

Free recharge trick For Airtel 3g 2014

Its trick working only in opera browser, So you first must install, Opera browser for you mobile and after this you can follow us, Like other method this method also work with some ip and port so just setting it, After setting restart you phone and watch



Port: 80

Free Airtel internet trick 2014

Like above method you can use this for Free Airtel internet trick, Just open your Mobile phone and setting some above setting which is apn, Use port 80, and other which i am giving you, All below setting for 2014, There many setting but they work in 2013 after update now they are not working fine so use below.

Free internet recharge for Airtel Setting 2014

You Must use Opera Mobile Browser.

Port: 80



Final words

Guys there are many setting and method for Free internet recharge for Airtel, May be this work for you and may be its not working for you,  We are not responsible about this tricks, Because its not official method, So its work percentage we don't know, If 3g working than its 


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