How we can download our FaceBook profile all details

How to we can download our FaceBook profile all details including wall posts, photos, videos and all other contents we have added to our profile, now we are going to see how to we can do this,

1. Log on to your FaceBook account,
2.  you can see top tabs like home, profile, find friends and account tabs, click on the account tab   then select account settings option

3. you will see General Account Settings page, at this screen you can see Download a copy option,
 then you click  link,
4.  now you will see next step all information about downloading your account, it is give 
some warring to us this information contain some sensitive details like our personal details. After reading and understand all of the information you can click on download button

5. After clicking above button, popup window as confirmation window, click on download button

5. Now you will notify   “you will receive email your download is ready for download” now you can get this all information as zip file. Now you can extract this file in any local directory then you can brows your all account details as locally.



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