Random Access Memory Introduction

What is RAM and what is it used for? Random Access Memory is solid-state memory used by your computer to store data and run programs. RAM is also volatile, as the contents are lost when the computer loses power or is switched off.
How can it tell what sort of RAM and how much RAM do I need? In most cases when you boot your computer it will carry out a memory check at the POST screen. This check will tell you in how much ram is installed.
What does RAM Stick look like? RAM Sticks are normally a set of chips mounted in a paired array on a small rectangular circuit board known as a DIMM (Dual in-line Memory Module). The 'dual' does not refer to the presence of chips on both sides of the DIMM (although there usually are); but to each side of a contact connecting to a different chip.
Where are the RAM sticks located on the motherboard?
They are normaly mounted in parallel rows close to the CPU. You may have one, two or more of these rows depending on the age and type of motherboard. Some motherboards will support two different types of ram, and the RAM slots can be coloured differently to each other. i.e. on a Gigabyte motherboard the DDR400 ram fits into orange slots while the DDR333 fits into purple slots. These motherboards are sometimes called transitional motherboards because they support two different types of RAM.
Is Laptop RAM different to the RAM in my desktop computer The underlying technology will be the same. However, memory for laptops usually has a much smaller physical form factor than standard RAM. Laptop RAM may also be optimised to consume less power than standard desktop RAM.
Can I install Laptop RAM in my Desktop Computer? No, it wont fit even if they have similar specifications.
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