The Modern Approach: SEO Merges With Social Media Marketing

Search engine optimization in digital branding has changed the way internet marketers grow their businesses’ online presence. From using television and radio advertising campaign to promote brand awareness, the ultimate change seen from this traditional type of brand marketing is one of merging social media with brand marketing and SEO. The way people interact with one another is influenced by the massive introduction of modern digital marketing tools and the social media platforms significantly transform the way brand marketing is undertaken in the more competitive world of digital marketing industry while SEO helps marketers to maintain a solid market positioning in digital branding.

The modern marketing strategy for digital branding

Digital branding is getting more reliant on social recommendations and human interaction in order to introduce products and services to the consumers. An internet marketer’s goal is now focused on how to increase brand visibility on the web while concocting the most effective social media brand marketing campaign that will make a brand known to the social media community, making it relevant and significant to the consumers.
The impact of SEO to digital branding is significant. Atlanta search engine optimization companies employ a marketing strategy that can help grow branding campaigns in the world of digital marketing. The modern approach to SEO marketing is one that aims to target a group of consumers to take notice of a brand for better social digital marketing success.
1. Targeting the search engine results page

The ultimate goal in digital branding is consumer awareness about your business brand, products and services. In a survey made by Microsoft, it appears that there is a significant correlation between the appearance of a brand in the search results page and the ability of a search engine user to recall such brand. Therefore, brands appearing high on the search engine results page (SERP) are likely to be noticeable among the search engine users. Brands with a higher SERP also have a higher rate of clicks for viewing. The benefits of using SEO marketing to digital branding include:
  • You can control the consumer’s knowledge and perception about your brand by targeting traffic coming from the search results page of Google.
  • Web pages with a high search ranking can result in 10% lift on the consumer’s brand awareness that can increase the rate of their purchasing decisions.
  • Your website gets a higher rate of organic traffic by targeting your appearance to the search results page that is beneficial to your search ranking.
2. Promoting your brand using various forms of media channels
The modern SEO marketing to promote branding extends to using various forms of media channels in order to promote a business brand online. Pushing video and image marketing in addition to your content marketing campaigns can improve the reach of your search engine optimization system. You can find affordable SEO services that can help you explore the various forms of media marketing solutions that can be integrated to your brand marketing campaigns.
  • Pushing your SEO media marketing tools to a viral level can be challenging yet very rewarding once you achieve this goal.
  • Understand the behaviour of your target audience and find out which form of media channels will work best for them.
  • Optimize your video, images and graphic presentations for SEO such as using keywords and phrases that will be relevant to your brand. Include Metatags and description for your images and videos as well.
  • Whatever form of brand marketing medium you find best for your digital marketing campaign make sure to keep in mind the basic principles of freshness, relevancy and trending content when presenting your brand to maintain audience engagement.
3. Leveraging on Google Plus for SEO branding
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Digital branding requires a brand to become known as reputable and trustworthy among the consumers. Search engine marketers in Atlanta and other SEO companies embark to promote influence and authorship in brand marketing using the Google Plus that can capture the interest of your target consumers. Google Plus profile can provide internet marketers a significant exposure of their business to the social media community where:
  • There is an opportunity to leave your brand’s digital footprints across the web using your Google Plus profile.
  • You can promote your brand name using the Google Plus’ rel=”publisher” feature where your authorship is associated to all the content authored and published by you together with a snippet of your image and number of followers online. This grows your professional authorship across the web.
  • Grow the number of your followers by targeting to reach out to a particular group of consumers who are demographically and statistically interested to your brand. Leverage on using the Google Plus Circle which is also associated to your Google Plus account in growing your social community where you can exercise a more targeted digital marketing offering.
  • Grow your link traffic in a more professional manner where your followers can simply find you an authority to your brand industry whose authorship is trusted and worth sharing with others.
4. Integrating search marketing in promoting brand awareness
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Online marketing services in Atlanta are getting more particular in the integration of search SEO marketing in promoting brand awareness. The concept lies upon the principle that brand marketing should include more targeted traffic coming from the search result for better online branding popularity. The consumers now have a better way of searching products or services which is easier using the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. Brand awareness grows through the word of mouth, recommendation, feedbacks, social mentions, and comments of your brand followers across the social media sites. Social search is marking the trend for the consumers in finding the products and services they need and they are likely influenced by the recommendation of their social media group. What this means to your brand marketing is that you should have a social media account that you can use to promote social shares to deliver your business with an optimized social media web presence.
The modern approach to SEO marketing requires a thorough digital marketing plan to promote your business brand online while using social signals to grow your website search ranking. This may sound a bit complicated but WE ARE HERE TO HELP in the full implementation of a modern method in SEO Marketing to your digital branding campaign.



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