Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Solution of Bengali font problem in photoshop. এবার ফটোশপ সহ যেকোনো যায়গায় বাংলা টাইপ করুন Avro দিয়ে।

এবার ফটোশপে বাংলা টাইপ করুন
Hello friends, how are you? I think you are not well because you are facing the Bengali font problem in photosop. Don’t think about it because now  I will give the the 100% perfect solution of Bengali font problem in photoshop.

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Now I will give the solution of Bengali font problem in photoshop.

Photoshop is a mother software of photo or graphics editing. So, many people use photoshop to edit their picture. You also use photoshop to edit your picture, I also use photoshop to edit any image. When we edit any image, we need to insert some text. This is not a problem - if we use English font then it is ok, but when we want insert Bengali font then it shows ???????. If you are using Bangla Word then your problem will never go. Please don’t use Bangla Word in Photoshop use only “Avro” – the ultimate Bangla typing software. If you want to download Avro or if you want to see the Bangla typing tutorial by using Avro then visit here - I wrote this post a few days ago.
OK now follow the step -
1) Download Avro (Bangla Typing Software) and Install it. (If you have already installed Avro then skip this step).
2) Now open Photoshop and put the cursor where you want to type Bangla.
3) Now open Avro and Set Bangla by click on English.
4) Click on “Output as ANSI”.
bangla font problem 1
5) If you receive any message then click on “Use ANSI anyway”.
photoshop bangla font problem 2
6) Now change the font to “Siyam Rupali ANSI”
bangla font problem 3
Now enjoy and type Bengali in free mind.
If you want to watch the video tutorial of “Solution Bangla font problem in photoshop” then watch the following  video on youtube.


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