Saturday, January 10, 2015

High Quality Blogger Template. Techtunes 2.0

Template Name: Techtune 2.0

Template Code:T2015101

 Price: $7

Author: Depok Sarkar
Compatible with: Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explore

Super faster and user friendly blogging platform with a simple layout.
Right sidebar- This theme has a right side dynamic sidebar. 
Featured Post - Theme supports you to show a featured post.
Ad banner - Theme supports you to show ad banner on side of featured post.
Super search box - There is a nice search box in this theme.
Sharing button - There is share button for your each post.
Two column categories - Theme supports show categories on two column .
Custom Logo option – You can upload your custom logo on the place of site title. Suggested dimensions are 316 x 96.
Fresh dashboard- This theme support a fresh dashboard.
Footer widgets - bottom of your page you can use 3 footer widgets.
Hot posts widgets- top of your page you can use unlimited widgets.


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