Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How to Hard reset Samsung galaxy Ace GT-S5830i,S5830

Your Problems:
  •  Are you Forgotten pattern lock.
  • Are you Forgotten user code.
  • Are you Forgotten phone code.
See you phone repair steps :
  1. Turn off your Samsung Device.
  2. Release any “sim card or sd card” in your phone.
  3.  Press & Hold “vol+ key,Home key and Power key”.
  4. When you got “Android system recovery mode” then release all hold key.
  5. Press “Vol – key” and select “wipe data/factory reset”,t hen press “Home key” to confirm .

samsung galaxy ace gt-s5830i     
   6.  Again press “Vol- key” and select “Yes — delete all user data” then press “Home key” to galaxy ace gt-s5830i
7.  After complete the hard reset, Select “Reboot System Now”, And press “Home key”.
samsung galaxy ace gt-s5830i  

8.   Now your Device will reboots.
9.  Your Android device is now ok.


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